Course Overview and Target Audience: This course is designed for practicing bariatric surgeons and surgeons new to the field who are involved in the treatment of obesity and metabolic disorders. It will focus on endoscopy and allow current endoscopists and physicians involved in the care of obese patients to have a better understanding of endoscopy in this field. The course covers basic and advanced flexible endoscopy as it plays an integral role in the management of the bariatric complications as well as primary treatment options. Also, this course will help surgeons new to balloons understand risks, benefits, expected outcomes, patient selection, placement procedure, removal and management of complications. Balloons have been recently approved by FDA. Further this course will cover some newer endoluminal techniques for weight loss and treat weight regain post bariatric surgery. Course Objectives Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to: 1)Explain the criteria for preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative endoscopy in the bariatric patient. 2)Assess management of strictures after bariatric surgery.
3)Identify multiple modalities of hemostasis by summarizing endoscopic stenting and interpreting endoscopic Septotomy for refractory leaks and fistulas. 4)Discuss the RFA treatment modalities for GERD and Barrett’s esophagus. 5) Recognize intragastric weight loss devices.

8:00am Introduction and Welcome
Dean Mikami, MD
8:10am Preoperative Endoscopy in the Bariatric Patient
Sabrena Noria, MD PhD
8:30am Endoluminal Stents
Aurora Pryor, MD
8:50am Endoscopic management of bleeding after Bariatric Surgery
Rachael Bueno, MD
9:10am Endoscopy management of strictures after Bariatric surgery
Eric Marcotte, MD
9:30am Endoluminal Suturing
George Eid, MD
10:00am Break
10:30am Endoscopic Septotomy for Sleeve Leaks
Manoel Galvao-Neto, MD
10:50am Novel Therapies for Bariatric Surgery Leaks
Matt Kroh, MD
11:10am RFA treatment modalities for Barrett’s esophagus in the Bariatric population
Cedric Lorenzo, MD
11:30am RFA treatment modalities for GERD in the Bariatric population
Erin Moran, MD
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm FDA Indications and Surgeon Education for Intragastric Devices
Herbert Lerner, MD
1:20pm Preoperative Work Up and Postoperative Follow-up for the Gastric Balloon Patient
Vafa Shayani, MD
1:40pm Procedure Set up and Video of Intragastric Devices
Jaime Ponce, MD
2:00pm Complication Management of Intragastric Balloons
Aaron Carr, MD
2:20pm Break
3:10pm Management of Common Bile Duct Stone after Bariatric Surgery
Raj Narula, MD
3:30pm Other Novel Intra Luminal Device for Weight Loss
Stacy Brethauer, MD
3:50pm Endoluminal Treatment of Weight Recidivism
Erik Wilson, MD
4:10pm Bariatric Endoscopy Certification
Bipan Chand, MD
5:00pm Adjourn