Course Overview and Target Audience: This course will offer a comprehensive review of metabolic consequences of different bariatric interventions with the latest updates on the available relevant data, comparison among procedures and results. Additionally, this program includes a section with expert presentations and discussions on complex cases and management of complications that allow ample opportunity for participants to evaluate different treatment options.The course is designed to address the needs for professionals in the field of bariatric surgery and endoscopic interventions.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

1.Describe the evidence on the mechanism of action and latest relevant data on metabolic consequences of bariatric interventions.
2.Explain the available results on randomized clinical trials in bariatric surgery.
3.Identify strategies for Outcome improvement.
4.Review management of common bariatric complications.

8:00am Physiological results of metabolic surgery. What is new?
Laurent Biertho, MD
8:20am Summary of the 3rd World Congress on Interventional Therapies for Type 2 Diabetes (London)
Bruce Wolfe, MD
8:40am Results of randomized studies in metabolic surgery for diabetics
Eric DeMaria, MD
9:00am Durability of diabetes control and reduction of Micro-and Macrovascular disease. Long-term follow-up of metabolic patients, what should we look for?
Bruce Wolfe, MD
9:20am Indictations for metabolic surgery, How low can the BMI be? Metabolic outcome in patients with BMI under 30
Eric DeMaria, MD
9:40am Q & A Session
9:50am Break
10:10am Education and Training: ASMBS Essentials of Metabolic Surgery
Daniel Jones, MD
10:30am Duodenal switch, single (SADIs) or classic, is there a difference in metabolic consequences?
Laurent Biertho, MD
10:40am Ileal Interposition and DJB, outcomes on diabetics
Kelvin Higa, MD
11:10am Impact of Endoscopic procedures on diabetes.
Manoel Galvao-Neto, MD
11:30am Q & A Session
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Weight regain after surgery: are all metabolic benefits lost?
Natan Zundel, MD
1:15pm Investigation and Management of hypoglycaemia post gastric bypass. Distal pancreatectomy or reversal?
Mehran Anvari, MBBS PhD
1:30pm Recurrent dyslipidemia after metabolic surgery. Management.
Alan Saber, MD
1:45pm Should we be doing adolescent with diabetes?
Mehran Anvari, MBBS PhD
2:00pm What to expect if we do Diabetics Type-1?
Stacy Brethauer, MD
2:15pm Q & A Session
2:40pm Break
3:00pm Recurrence of diabetes after gastric bypass: Incidence and Surgical management
Kelvin Higa, MD
3:15pm Endoscopic management of diabetes recurrence? Short term effect only?
Bipan Chand, MD
3:30pm Recurrence of diabetes after sleeve gastrectomy. Which procedure next?
Dana Portenier, MD
3:45pm Use of Liraglutide post metabolic surgery? How successful is it, and how should I do that?
Michel Gagner, MD
4:00pm Micro-nutrients problems after metabolic surgery. Medical and surgical Management
Laurent Biertho, MD
4:15pm Acute surgical complications after metabolic surgery. Management.
Kelvin Higa, MD
4:30pm Q & A Session
5:00pm Adjourn