Primary Objective: To discuss sleeve controversies and the latest in evidence-based management, especially complications.

1:30pm Is Sleeve Gastrectomy the New Gold Standard?
Daniel Herron, MD
1:45pm Sleeve Gastrectomy, Reflux and Hiatal Hernias. Why is There No Consensus?
Brian Smith, MD
2:00am Sleeve Gastrectomy and Diabetes: Is Sleeve Gastrectomy the Best Operation for Early Diabetes?
Wayne English, MD
2:15pm What’s the Best Approach for Severe Diabetes? Staged Sleeve or Primary Gastric Bypass?
Samer Mattar, MD
2:30pm Long-Term Weight Loss and Weight Regain: Sleeve vs RYGB and Revision Options.
Anthony Petrick, MD
2:45pm Q&A Discussion
3:00pm Break
3:30pm Preop, Periop and Postop protocols to minimize side effects and readmissions.
Gregg Jossart, MD
3:45pm Sleeve and obstruction: stenosis, coiling, prolapse and volvulus. (Include Videos)
Raul Rosenthal, MD
4:00pm Sleeve Leaks – Prevention and Diagnosis. (Include Videos)
Alfons Pomp, MD
4:15pm Sleeve Leaks- Treatment: Endoscopic, laparoscopic and open treatment options. (Include Videos)
Erik Wilson, MD
4:30pm Q&A Discussion
5:00pm Adjourn