This educational activity is designed for practicing surgeons and physicians serving as leadershipwithin ASMBS State Chapters who wish to increase their knowledge of best practices in running an effective State Chapter. The conference is designed for those seeking to modify their organizations to achieve more favorable outcomes in four main areas: (1) Advocacy, (2) Chapter Building, (3) Education/Outreach, (4) Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program state collaborative

1:00pm Introduction and Welcome
Chris Joyce, MD
1:10pm Message from the President
Raul Rosenthal, MD
1:25pm Why Should I Donate to the PAC and Foundation?
John Morton, MD
1:40pm MBSAQIP Update and Future Directions
David Provost, MD
1:55pm State Chapter Commitee Objectives, Updates and Quality Improvement Initiative
Chris Joyce, MD
2:10pm The Economics of Running a Chapter
Rachel Moore, MD
2:25pm How to Run a State Chapter Meeting
Richard Peterson, MD
2:40pm Chapter Growth: Balance between Academic and Community; Urban and Rural Surgeons
Rami Lutfi, MD
2:55pm Panel: Chapter Building
3:10pm Break
3:30pm Debate: The ACA is Great for Bariatric Surgeons and Obesity Care
Chris Gallagher
3:40pm Debate: The ACA is Terrible for Bariatric Surgeons and Obesity Care
John D Scott, MD
3:50pm Utilizing Patients and Obesity Action Coalition
Joe Nadglowski
4:05pm Oklahoma: Rejuvenation of a State Chapter
Hamilton Le, MD
4:15pm Michigan: The Michigan Bariatric Surgery Collaborative - The Blueprint for Other States
Jeffrey Genaw, MD
4:25pm Armed Forces: A Military Chapter is Different Than a State Chapter
Eric Ahnfeldt, DO
4:35pm Ohio: How We Conquered Medicaid
Joe Northup, MD
4:45pm Don’t Uncheck the Box-The Value of Chapter Membership
Vafa Shayani, MD
4:55pm Conclusion and Future Agenda
Chris Joyce, MD
5:00pm Adjourn